The Ette Youths have come out openly to tell the Senator Representing Enugu West Senatorial Zone, Ike Ekweremmadu to stay clear of Ette and jettison his moves which they said is most surely likely bound to fuel violence and unrest in Ette. Warns him to retract his subtle moves that is surely bound to fuel violence and unrest in Ette.
The Ette Youths Progressives has alleged that the former Deputy Senate President has continued to display rebellious moves and taking daring actions as well as steps in the now peaceful Community, ostensibly because of his selfish political ambition, which obviously will spark off violence in Ette.
No Man or Woman in Ette would be hypnotized by any confusionist elite from any part of the world to be on a different page with the Odozi-obodo 1 of Enugu State, in the person of His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi (The White Lion).
The Ette Youths noted that when Senator Ike Ekweremmadu was on the saddle as DSP for a record of twelve (12) good years, he never stepped into Ette nor bothered to intervene in the then Ette crisis. And even when the elders of Ette tried to seek his assistance and intervention towards resolving the crisis, he unrepentantly paid deaf ears to the plea and advances. The Ette Youth Progressives however wish to use the instrumentality of this medium to inform the Distinguished Senator Ike Ekweremmadu that Ette is now peaceful.
Furthermore, we are well aware that the Senator is desperately encouraging some miscreants and nonentities to ignite up another round of crisis in our now peaceful Communities. The malicious, vicious and devil’s advocates on prowl rushing to town with their lyrics disease all with the evil mechanization and desperation to demarket Gburus!
Unfortunately for them, Governor Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi is beyond evil conspiracy and not even a trillion of such concocted fabrications can undue our diligent governor. They should be made to understand that before they see monkey, that their evil schemings are already a public knowledge.
Therefore, this planned visit by the Enugu West cabal be suspended, discarded and summarily aborted as it may lead to breach of peace and that our good people will not be pushed to express their feelings in a violent form. They are hereby pleading with the Senator to focus on his Zone and leave Ette people in Enugu North Senatorial Zone to be in peace.
The Ette Youths Progressives wants Senator Ekweremadu to know that they have moved on for good a long time ago and does not wish to go back to Egypt. Finally, that they are ever commited to the peaceful initiatives of the current Government in Enugu State under Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, pervading the entire Enugu landscape.
Ike Ekweremadu be warned!
Enugu State is in the hands of God!

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