In an interview that was granted to the father Late Flight Sergeant Olasunkanmi Olawumi by Saturday Punch Newspaper, the 80-year-old man has narrated what happened on the day his son died in a plane crash that killed his son and 6 others who were also onboard the Beech craft.

Olasunkanmi’s father made it known that, the sad Sunday when his son died happens to be the thanksgiving Sunday of his Church, and that will be the first thanksgiving anniversary he will be celebrating in his life, as she alleged that he already hosted a small party at his house where they’ll eat and merry, as the thanksgiving service ended at exactly 10am that morning.

The 80-year-old man made it known that they were about to start the merriment at his house when the sad news was broken to him that his son had died in the crash that happened in Abuja, as he alleged that he almost died as well when he heard it because, he never thought of it for once.

He also said that two days before the crash, his son called him and they spoke over the phone of which he sent the money they used for the thanksgiving, and that he was told that the helicopter that crashed has being in use for the past 49 years, before it crashed due to engine failure last Sunday.

Olasunkanmi’s further urge the government to take care of the wife and three children his son left behind.

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