~By Comrade Onuorah Ndubuisi Godwin

What have been going on now in Nigeria since October is a revolution of an unusual nature.

The #endsars theme or tittle of the protests have aptly underscored the True Believers principles by Eric Hoffer.

Enraged by constant police brutality, abuse of power and extra judicial killings by officers and men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad otherwise known as (SARS). Perennial strike actions of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), High Unemployment rate, Stiffling levies on infant industries by the federal government, Extortionist Civil service workers, Absence of Youth inclusion in governance at the Center, Absence of Youth friendly public policies, Outrageous Bank charges on frivolous reasons, Selfish and unproductive Representations, Playing to the gallery instead of imbibing good leadership which will impact on the common man on the street.

The Youths of Nigeria became United and mobilized themselves more than ever before.

They took to the stage to make their resolve known to whoever cares to listen. They matched to the various Government known buildings including the Police Headquarters Abuja, The various Government Houses in the various States of federation. They blocked major gateways to make sure that their voices is heard and press home their demands against the activities of the notorious police outfit Known as SARS and their other legitimate demands.

Because the political Fall-out from the notoriety of SARS activities have ushered in an era of instability which have altered the political geography of the entire Nigeria and unleashed Conflicts of Apocalyptic perspective dimensions.

On Friday, the 16th of October 2020. The Youths of Enugu state matched in their own protest of #endsars to the Lion Building to register their own voice and pour out their hearts to the peace loving Governor of Enugu state,in the person of The Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. Accompanied by the duo of Phynofino and flavor na abania, who are both Enugu brought ups.

Unknown to the unsuspecting protesters, that Phynofino and flavor have matched along with the Youths of Enugu state with a sinister political motive. They got to the stage and sharply deviated from the agenda and business of the day.

They suddenly and totally abandoned the Nationwide struggle which has brought everyone together in Unity from Lagos to Abuja,Ondo to Ogun,Ekiti to Enugu,Rivers to Abia etc.

In all the various States of the federation where the protests lasted, the message was one and the same,#endsars,#endpolicebrutality,#endcorruption.

But in the case of Enugu state, obviously because Phynofino and flavor na abania were acting a script and visibly Bent on using the guise of the protest to get close enough to the unsuspecting peaceful, loving and dynamic Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu state and strike a political blow against him,in an obvious bid to entertain their paymaster who is well known to Ndi-Enugu, by calling the God Fearing Governor out for non performance.

Many Ndi-Enugu State voices have already replied the duo of Phynofino and flavor on those careless, flippant and digressional behavior of 16th October 2020.

I am moved to ask phyno and flavor some few questions;

What are your own ideas of non performance?

Do you guys even get to read newspapers?

Do you even still reside in Enugu State?

I am convinced that if Phynofino and flavor Na abania is not bought over to Hijack that peaceful protest and steal the opportunity to ignorantly forment mischief,they would have spoken out against the wanton destruction of public and private properties that ensued thereafter within the Enugu metropolis. Like destroying of Bank ATMs and looting of private shops and supermarkets etc.

Up till this moment, neither Phynofino nor Flavor Na abania have condemned the mayhem that replaced the protest they have championed.

Even Senator Dr Ike Ekweremmadu was very quiet on the matter but was quick to respond in condemnation against the lekki toll gate Shooting of protesters far Away in Lagos. But it was quite convenient for him to keep mum on the hijacked protest in Enugu State where hoodlums led by Phyno and Flavor resorted to attacking Bank and private businesses. He also found it convenient to be hidding during the tick moments of the protests in the house of one of his minions in Mgbowo along with Toby Okechukwu.

In 2019, when kidnapping cases were on the rise with Enugu West Senatorial zone as the epicenter, Governor Ugwuanyi sacrificed a lot, including going into the Forests by himself to destroy some identified hideouts of criminals. Notable personalities within and beyond Enugu State commended the Governor and extolled him on his Security initiatives as he consequently expanded the size of the Neighborhood Watch Group and Established the Forest Guards to police the Various Forests across the 17 Loca Government Areas of the state. Yet our Distinguished Senator representing The Enugu West Senatorial zone Still found it Convenient to keep mum till this Moment.

If the duo of Phynofino and flavor Na abania who were obviously bought over by known characters to call our Governor out on non performance chooses to ignore the achievements and giant strides of Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in Enugu State as the South Eastern Nigeria’s richest economy, the only State in the South East which can execute projects without abandonment and pay workers Salaries without federal government allocation. They are ignoring them at their own peril.

May I remind you that Ndi-Enugu knows that Governor Ugwuanyi loves them very much. He knows the interests of Ndi-Enugu. Their political, economic and global interests. And as Our Governor,he remains in the best position to define those interests and pursue them.

There is numerous precise evidences that Gov Ugwuanyi have been doing what his people want him to do in return for their votes.

The rest of you May find him rather belligerent, rattling the Sabre with the same glee and enthusiasm as a three-year old would his toys. You may find the methods he has chosen to serve Ndi-Enugu’s complex interests a defiance of decency, but let me put it to you that you cannot fault him for doing what he passionately believes is in the best interest of Ndi-Enugu State.

In any case,so far,there is no evidence that your collective discomfort over the consequences of his oft- less-than Governorship behavior or your body language and silent disapproval of his methods that have the sound of braggadocio, the color of blind pursuit and the smell of manhood toughened by burnfire, have robbed the Man a good sleep and good jokes.

It would be insolence of Phynofino,flavor Na abania and their sponsors, to suggest that Governor Ugwuanyi have elected less than Honourable Means to govern Enugu State.

No such suggestions can overshadow the landmark achievements of Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi in the Education, Health, Agricultural and Tourism sectors of Enugu state economy.

Furthermore,in terms of physical infrastructure such as Rural roads network and maintenance, creation of new urban cities out rural areas,job creation, Youth inclusion in Governance and security of lives and property on which note some notable personalities of Enugu state including Sen. Jim Nwobodo,Sen. Ken Nnamani,Prof Udenta O Udenta,Chief Onyia Oha Nwanjoku, the Ooni of Ife Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunlusi Ojaja II etc. Have all extolled the Governor.

It have been worthy of note that the five years plus since Governor Ugwuanyi took over leadership in Enugu State, Ndi-Enugu have witnessed complete pinpoint accuracy solutions in the security architecture of the state owing to the challenges that bedeviled the state. Coupled with clinical precision and surgical strike interventions on the Education and Healthcare sectors of the state.

In as much as no one can expect a farewell to nay saying and musings in the coming days to 2023, the opportunities to restrategise regional political strategies have never been greater.

Let us therefore more concerned about who will be the major players on ever more Hi-Tech dimensions of political gymnastics which will definitely replace current but already old methods that have been in place. This is because the much talked about New Nigeria demands Regional Cooperation and an end to the political expediency of the past.

*This article is brought to you by the leadership of Enugu West General Assembly (EWGA)*

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